The Godfathers sister has been bitch slapped. You know the code you know your obligation you know your duty. The Code must be followed and not even he can call this off now. SHOW YOUR RESPECT & PROVE YOUR WORTH. #Panama

Bobo doktor

Binigyan nya ako ng methotrexate para sa lupus ko then nagkaruon ako ng liver failure.

Your lack of virtues is stunning

I would love to insult you Dr. Allan Corpuz. But, there is no way that I can possibly do worse than nature already did. You are living proof that a person does not need to be A. Intelligent B. Honorable C. Prudent D. Gracious E. Humble F. Respectful G. Ethical H....

Launch status?

We’re ready to go amiga. Green light? Just say the word.

Shit just got real!

This dude is going to wish he had a Delorean going 88 miles an hour, flux capacitor fluxing, headed into the past to tell himself not do stupid shit!

So sorry dude.

I had no idea this was going to blow up in your face like it did. When I said you needed to pick a fight with someone and create some controversy, I totally didn’t expect this. So sorry bro. You should make nice and maybe this will go away. I dunno. Never seen a...