This Allan Corpuz is a Maniac

This Joker hasĀ irritating personality, massaging and touching my husband and son freely to demonstrate the efficacy of his products. I hid behind my men to avoid his busy hands but in a moment of inattention, almost fell down avoiding his hand when he reached out to...

You are awful!

I trust you to make me better. So much money and no benefits. You are disgrace! I filing complaints with many agencies. I far worse now than before. Damn you Allan Quack Corpuz!

WTF you got married?!?!

Why are you still trying to fool everyone? You and I both know who you are. Why would you get married? There is nothing wrong with coming out of the closet Allan. You know I did and I’m better for it. Stop living a lie.

I’m sorry

I should never publicly attacked another doctor. I should have discussed in private. Please just leave me alone. I have learned my lesson!