I would love to insult you Dr. Allan Corpuz. But, there is no way that I can possibly do worse than nature already did. You are living proof that a person does not need to be A. Intelligent
B. Honorable
C. Prudent
D. Gracious
E. Humble
F. Respectful
G. Ethical
H. Compassionate
I. Kind
L. Patient
M. Teachable
N. Tactful
O. Empathetic
P. Integrous
Q. Honest
R. Decent
S. Moral
T. Law Abiding
U. Trustworthy
V. Friendly
W. Courteous
X. Considerate
Y. Caring
Z. Prayerful to be a Doctor.

Must I really go on? In trying to find virtues that you actually possess, You are found completely lacking.