This site is a combination of Satire, Parody, and a little farce of Allan Corpuz MD who publicly attacks other doctors.

Allan Corpuz Friend Network

Here is a complete listing of Allan Corpuz Facebook Friends Network. Be sure to add them and tell them how proud you are of him!
Cheers Allan!


This Allan Corpuz is a Maniac

This Joker has irritating personality, massaging and touching my husband and son freely to demonstrate the efficacy of his products. I hid behind my men to avoid his busy hands but in a moment of inattention, almost fell down avoiding his hand when he reached out to...

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You are awful!

I trust you to make me better. So much money and no benefits. You are disgrace! I filing complaints with many agencies. I far worse now than before. Damn you Allan Quack Corpuz!

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WTF you got married?!?!

Why are you still trying to fool everyone? You and I both know who you are. Why would you get married? There is nothing wrong with coming out of the closet Allan. You know I did and I'm better for it. Stop living a lie.

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I’m sorry

I should never publicly attacked another doctor. I should have discussed in private. Please just leave me alone. I have learned my lesson!

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The Godfathers sister has been bitch slapped. You know the code you know your obligation you know your duty. The Code must be followed and not even he can call this off now. SHOW YOUR RESPECT & PROVE YOUR WORTH. #Panama

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Your lack of virtues is stunning

I would love to insult you Dr. Allan Corpuz. But, there is no way that I can possibly do worse than nature already did. You are living proof that a person does not need to be A. Intelligent B. Honorable C. Prudent D. Gracious E. Humble F. Respectful G. Ethical H....

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